Must to do water sports

Hy friends, we all have watched some of those movies in which the hero is enjoying wonderful sports and what better sport than water sports. Adventure is a source of joy for all and an exciting water sport is the best thrilling adventure.

Here I am going to list down 5 water sports which you would crave to do once you know about them and watch a few videos of enjoying these sports.

1. Surfing

When I was a kid, I stood on my cricket bat and tried to balance it acting as surfing and I can suspect many of you must have done something like this. Surfing is one of the oldest and most famous water sports in the world. Personally, what I like the most about surfing is that it is a year-round sport which means that you do not specific weather conditions to do surfing and it is economical.

How to do surfing

Surfing is very easy to do sports, all you need is a surfboard to go and enjoy the adventure of surfing. Although you do need some initial training to learn how to surf but these lessons can be learned in a single day.

In order to surf you have to mount on the surfboard and ride the waves coming at the shore. The larger the wave, the greater would be the adventure but beware of large waves if you have not practiced enough, it may bring dangers of losing your surfboard or even your life.

You can buy your own surfboard or rent a one by a vendor on your city’s beach. Many clubs are offering surfing services in Pakistan, all you need to do is google about it.

2. Kite surfing

Although many of you must have watched kite surfing in a movie very few people know its name especially if you are not a native English speaker. Kite surfing is like an advanced version of surfing, faster and more thrilling than ever.

How to do kite surfing:

Basically, it is similar to windsurfing or surfing but the difference is that now you are holding a large kite or a parachute in your hands which is continuously pulling you in the air and thus helping you to surf faster in water; not even waiting for a wave to come and help you enjoy the surfing adventure.

You can do kitesurfing almost all around the world, obviously, you do need a large water body with fair winds and shallow water. Kite surfing is also available in Pakistan by certified experts, few google searches can lead you to them. If you can’t find easily ask me in comments.

3. Parasailing

Now, my friends, this water sport does look easy to do but you can’t go to parasailing without a friend driving a boat. Parasailing is more like air-sport than a water sport because you are in air through most of the time. Just imagine enjoying a sunset or sunrise view of the ocean from high above the ground feeling the chilly winds of the ocean and going against the tides as fast as your boat. These kinds of things do give us goosebumps.

How to do parasailing

Parasailing is offered by various agencies on beaches around the world. Basically, you are connected with a strap to a parachute and with a rope to the boat. When the boat speeds up you fly in air because of your parachute but you enjoy this life of a flying bird only to the extent of your rope. In this way, you aren’t steering your parachute but you are going with the boat enjoying the eagle-eye view of earth from above.

In Pakistan, parasailing services are available in noncoastal cities too. This is done by using dams.

4. Scuba diving

We are not fish but we do crave to see the ocean through fish view and this is all done through scuba diving. Scuba diving needs a lot of equipment from a mask, oxygen cylinders to the special swimming suit designed for deep waters. Usually, people do scuba diving through water sports clubs who charge a nominal amount for their services as compared to hefty prices of this equipment.

How to do scuba diving

All you need to do is go and register yourself with a scuba diving club for enjoying the jaw-dropping scenes of under ocean life. Scuba diving does need some instructions but you don’t need to worry there will always be a guide alongside you if you are going through a club. Moreover, you will also be provided with facilities for taking photographs underwater. They do have waterproof cameras so you don’t need to worry.

Many universities and other institutions take their students for water sports like scuba diving annually in Pakistan. These packages are very economical, you can ask google the rest.

5. Flyboard flying

Personally, I would have liked to list this water sport on top of this list but because it is not easily available in most developing countries especially my country Pakistan, therefore I kept it at the last. It is a combination of air and water sports I think as you can simultaneously think of yourself flying and swimming.

How to do flyboard flying

The flyboard flying is carried out by a water propulsion system. The rider stands on the board connected to a hose which helps in creating the necessary lift to enjoy the sport.

Flyboard equipment is very costly and therefore it is highly recommended to go through a certified club to enjoy this ride although no big problem if you are a millionaire.

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