Angela Markel talks with PM Khan

☝️ why is it important:5 points

1 Angela merker has been serving as chancellor-equivalent to PM- of germany for last thirteen years

2. She is regarded as champion of human rights who stood for support of refugee immigration in European Union(EU), Although many EU countries voted against it.

3. Upon opposition of refugee immigration to EU, she accepted a large share of these refugees in her own country germany rather than rejecting them.

4. She played a great role to steer out Greece from govt debt crises 2007-08.

5. Due to her support to international immigrants and other countries we can hope for a positive move in Kashmir issue from her side while others are only giving condolences.


Justice Faiz Isa- The short story-

Those of you who have seen this picture again and again in DAWN and other newspapers of Pakistan from past few weeks and could not understand what is the story? Here is a short 6 point report

Ok we will understand this topic in following 6 points:

1. Justice Faiz Isa is the judge who gave landmark judgement on Faizabad dharna by Tehreek e Labbaik in which he ordered chiefs of army to remove those personnel who did not take action against Dharna and broke their oath

2. He was strongly criticized by lovers of TLP and Army for his judgement

3. Recently a presidential reference was filed against him in SJC which claimed that he owned properties in foreign on the name of children and wife and did not show them therfore should be ousted.

*PRESIDENTIAL REFERENCE- is request by government through president to supreme court for taking some actions

*SJC is supreme judicial council the only authority capable of removing senior judges.

4. Justic Qazi Isa requested to get copy of presidential refernce from supreme court but was refused so he wrote a letter to president arif alvi for a copy of reference.

5. This letter was exposed in media and allegedly by justice Isa himself so another case of misconduct was filed against him by an advocate in SJC.

6. Supreme court has rejected that misconduct reference against Justice Isa commenting “Letters by justice isa were not serious or grave enough for his removal on mis conduct.

China’s vision behind belt road initiative.

From last 10 years, China has emerged on global map as a champion of economic reforms to both its own country and neighboring. China’s president Li XinPing started Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to connect 156 countries of world with China and up till now 68 countries have signed agreements with china which make up 40% of world GDP. This initiative includes a number of projects ranging from highways to ports. China has lent billions of dollars to partner countries on low interest rate for making BRI a reality. This huge spending does have a vision which is clear and bright, I would try to explain it in following paragraphs.

A map showing china’s belt road initiative

According to Chinese officials, the only aim of BRI is to increase trade and happiness among the partner countries and in the world. China aims to bring international peace and harmony by making trade easier through development of roads, bridges and infrastructure connecting cities of different countries. In this way china and other countries would have easier access to each other’s markets and economies will flourish bilaterally.

However, according to some international journalists, the BRI is not only aiming for strong trade opportunities but perhaps it is a veil under which china would establish its military bases in different parts of the world and will eventually get hold of geopolitics. For this purpose, china would need complete control over host country’s land which china has certainly achieved in some places.

The influence of china in world map is visible!

For instance, China gave Srilanka billions of dollars as loan on low interest rates so that Srilanka can build infrastructure and attract foreign investments and tourism. The Srilankan economy flourished but they were unable to pay back the debt so they leased 70% of their port to china for 99 years. Now china can easily make a military base there although both countries deny these claims.

Another theory suggests that China’s BRI is actually a money trap in which underdeveloped countries would fall and end up leasing their lands to china for next century and in this way china would expand its communist kingdom far and wide without shedding a single drop of blood.

70% of this Srilankan port now belongs to china for next 99 years

No matter what intentions and vision china holds for its One Belt Road Initiative, we know that it would benefit everyone in terms of increased trade, developed infrastructure, faster communication and transportation, educational and cultural exchange. China’s vision looks obvious and it is to increase trade and good relations between Eurasian countries.

Solutions to plastic problem:

Rent kayak for free in Europe in exchange for picking trash.

With no doubt, plastic has become one of the main sources of land, water and air pollution. The whole world is now working to mitigate the use of plastic or to recycle it more efficiently. This can only be done if consumers, retailers and manufacturers all work together. A series of campaigns started in social media to collect waste plastic equipment. Scientists are working on developing alternatives of plastics which can be decomposed or recycled easily. People of different countries are taking steps to reduce the use of plastics or to collect the plastics thrown into ocean. I will share some of these stories in this essay.

A picture from twitter on #FillaBottle challenge

Recently, a campaign #FillaBottle started in social media in which people posted pictures of bottles filled with cigarette butts. Millions of people took part in this campaign. A person in a village gave his boat free to row if they collected trash from lake in return. In this way he has cleaned the lake. Scientists are trying to make organic plastics which can be eaten, dissolved in water or decomposed into air much more easily than plastic. Many people in different cities of the world have started collecting cigarette butts on their own to reduce the pollution. A man has started plastic bank in Haiti who buys plastics from ordinary people and in return give them real money. This plastic is sorted out and sold to plastic manufacturing companies for recycling purpose.

A plastic bank in haiti

However, these steps alone can’t solve the plastic problem. Just imagine if water flows from your kitchen tap to the floor and walls; ruining the paint and wood work what would you do? You would grab a mop start soaking the floor and wall right? But what would be your first step? Of course to close the tap. Thus in order to reduce the plastic pollution, we have to reduce the use of plastics in our everyday life. We should prefer paper bags and cloth bags over large plastic shopping bags and should not use disposable plastic items. Once we stop using them, the manufacturers will stop manufacturing them.

Plastics ruining Mother Nature:

A beach polluted from single use plastic

The human have always thought about their own benefits; completely abandoning the Mother Nature and other living things on this planet. When we had known the use of fire and fuel, we started cutting forests until it became a life threat for ourselves. Similarly we created and destroyed many things on earth for only our own benefit and one day scientists began to synthesize a new material called plastic which is now used in almost every sphere of our life. We use plastics as handbags, coolers, utensils, medical equipment, clothes, and technology. The benefit of plastic is that it is durable and the drawback is that it is durable! Due to its durability, plastic can take thousands of years to decompose completely. Our landfills and oceans are filling with tons of plastic every day.

This plastic is not only ruining the natural beauty of our planet but is also disturbing the life cycle of many animals, birds and ourselves too. The micro plastics disseminated in air and water are consumed by microorganisms or planktons, and these planktons are consumed by fish which ultimately reaches human and now we are eating, drinking and breathing plastic.

This is how plastic has already involved in our food chain.

Annually, thousands of birds die by consuming plastics. Every second we use 160,000 plastic bags only. Only 9% of plastic manufactured is recycled and by 2050 the mass of fish and plastics and fish in our oceans would be approximately equal.  Studies show that seabirds consume plastic equal to 15% of their body weight and thus die, that would be like having 8 pounds of plastic in human stomach.

A dissected bird having plastic in its stomach.

We should mitigate the use of plastics in everyday life. The use of paper bags and cloth bags can be helpful for shopping grocery. Moreover, rather than using straws we should use our lips for drinks and make every possible effort for reducing plastic pollution.

A timeline of Kashmir issues:

It all started back at the time of independence when the King of Kashmir handed over the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir to India without consent of Kashmiris. The reaction was strong and quick which prompted a series of strikes and riots. The situation deteriorated day by day and armies of both countries started fighting in the region. One thousand Indian troops and 6000 Pakistani troops were killed. If any of the side had won Kashmir through battle then these battles could have turned into full-fledged war- a threat to regional peace and development. This is where UN and British government played their part, trying to calm down both sides. The international community wanted a plebiscite to be signed by Indian government but both sides opposed this proposal and wished to win Kashmir by force.

In 1956, a military alliance was signed between US and Pakistan. Nehru (a Kashmiri born) was Indian PM at that time and did not want his birth place to be a blood garden so he offered Pakistan to win Kashmir either by military alliance or signing an agreement leaving the future of Kashmir in their people’s hand. Pakistan signed the agreement.

Nehru and Liaqat signing the agreement

In 1963, Indian government took its first sinister move, an extension to article 356 and 357 by which Indian government could practice its legislative powers in the region. Moreover, a holy cleric also went missing in Kashmir, this and series of unjust events led to the formation of Kashmir jihadist movement. These movements were supported by Pakistani army and people. A full-fledged war started between both countries in 1965 claiming mass causalities at both sides.

soldiers fighting war in heaven on earth (Kashmir)

In 1966 Tashkent declaration was signed by the mediation of Russian government. Both countries were advised to respect LoC and revert to pre 1965 positions.

In 1971, simla agreement was signed, which stated that Kashmir issue must be solved bilaterally without any third party involved. From then till 1990, several forced disappearance of Kashmiri leaders and key figures agitated the people. Several freedom movements started in Kashmir which probed attacks on assemblies. In 1999, Pervaiz Musharraf masterminded the Kargil and another peace talk held between premiers of both sides.

A picture from simla summit

Now in 2019, India has stripped Kashmir of its special status violating UN resolutions of 1947-48, breaking promise of their own leader Nehru that future of Kashmir will be decided by its people, violating the Simla agreement that Kashmir issue must be resolved bilaterally and violating its own law aricle 370 which granted Kashmir special status.

What if England ruled America like India ?

America and India both were the largest and strongest economical hub for British empire back in 18th century; however Americans had already got rid of themselves from British in 1776 under leadership of George Washington. Now deprived of economic hub, England turned her wicked eye towards India. At that time India contributed to 25% of world’s GDP and was flourishing at exponential rate. Arts, crafts, geology, geography and a lot of other subjects were being studied here.

A glipmse from American revolution

The country lacked in modern education but it could have acquired that too after some time. Unfortunately, England imposed crown rule in india after the war of independence 1857 and from that day everything changed. People were bullied, butchered and mistreated everyday by nasty English. India under British rule unwillingly participated in second world war and thus faced a lot of economic, cultural and live loss.

British army attacking small indian kingdoms

At the same time -in 1945- American economy was flourishing at exponential rate and now was contributing towards 35% of world’s GDP.

Now just imagine if American revolution had failed miserably and britishers had never invaded India then our economy, culture and art could have boosted in an unprecedented rate. We could have lead the world economy but folly of our leaders and addiction to alcohol, prostitution and gambling!

An Indian man serving british officer

Kashmir under Indian aggression:

Indian soldiers in J&K

Kashmir has always been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. At the time of independence, Maharaja Hari Singh Dogra of Jammu and Kashmir signed an agreement with Indian government to handover J&K to them. The people of J&K have always opposed that agreement in the form of various protests and riots. Indian government is aggressive in this matter, as it has blocked communications and arrested many political leaders of Kashmir several times.

Recently on 22nd July, PM Imran khan met with his US counterpart Donald Trump, where trump offered to play role as a mediator on Kashmir issue and reiterated his offer on several occasions. Pakistan welcomed trump’s thoughts while Indian government clearly stated that according to UN instructions, Kashmir issue must be solved bilaterally between Pakistan and India and no third party should be involved.

However, from 2nd august Indian government seems to be afraid of losing Kashmir and has done series of foolish mistakes. There has been a lockdown in Kashmir and several political leaders are now under house arrest. A bill has also been passed in upper house which aims to strip Kashmir of their special status. The bill was passed without consenting to all stakeholders and is praised by several BJP leaders. In this India has opposed its own words that Kashmir issue must be solved bilaterally. International media has slammed Indian government for their heinous move. The headlines of BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera and many other news networks reiterate “India strips kashmir of their special status” or “tensions escalate as India violates UN resolution”.

soldiers beating protesting kashmiris

The Kashmiris are already agitated by illegal Indian occupation and have shown their reaction in form of protests, riots and terrorism. This move by India would only escalate tensions in the region and would be a threat to global peace. May God be with innocents and help to resolve their issues!  

The most important asset

Last night, I was sitting at the courtyard of Madina-tul-Ilm mosque alone; thinking about what I prayed for in this courtyard few years ago and what I have now ? It was clear that whatever I wished for, I had it.

We wish daily from God for car, house, good grades and some aspire of becoming a professional engineer, doctor or of joining national services and in the end we all get what we aspire for but what we don’t get is a good character. A good character can be built only by working on yourself. A good character is the most important asset in our life as it attracts others towards our personality.

I think I would end help my country to end corruption and pay my taxes when I will be earning a lot but how am I supposed to follow tax rules if I am not following traffic rules now. How am i supposed to respect judiciary if I am not respecting my own father – chief justice of my house 😁- and how am i supposed to donate millions for poor if I can not spend a penny in educating a poor child today. For this I should follow some simple etiquette rules.

Some of them can be :

  1. Pay my debts as earlier as possible.
  2. Follow traffic rules.
  3. Obey each and every command of my parents. (Because obedience of parents is obedience of prophet and obedience of prophet is obedience of God )
  4. If I am in car or bike i should say salam to pedestrians, this would help me in restraining feeling of attitude.
  5. And the list goes on as you make it .