Best Sci-Fi movies to watch in 2019, 2020 or any year.

When I was a kid, I watched cartoons a lot, as my elders would not allow me to watch more than an hour because I was just a kid; I thought in my mind once I will be among elders, I would watch cartoons all day. However, today instead of watching cartoons, I am more inclined towards watching movies. As Hollywood is the oldest and largest film industry in the world, nearly every movie lover must have watched a movie from Hollywood and one thing that attracts non-English people to English movies is extensive use of visual graphics.

So my friends coming to visual graphics, Sci-Fi movies are probably the best ones. Here in this blog, I am going to list down the best Sci-Fi movies to watch. The basis on which I say the best is because of the following reasons:

  • Amazing use of visual graphics
  • Mind-boggling concepts from various branches of science.
  • A very interesting storyline
  • Best use of intense and slow music.

Although, all of these movies are one the best Sci-Fi movies and people may think that one is better than others but I have arranged these movies in ascending order in a way that non-English people would most like these movies.

1. Passengers

A view of Avalon ship carrying 5000 passengers
The lead characters of the movie

Although, many may think that this movie should not be placed on 1st place in comparison with other movies but this movie follows a simple storyline of two passengers stranded in a spaceship along with 5000 other sleeping passengers. Reasons why you should watch this movie:

  • One of the most stunning visual graphics of space and modern technology.
  • A Sci-Fi movie with a love story included.
  • A simple storyline to understand without going in past and future over and over again.
  • It requires no knowledge of scientific concepts to understand any dialogue in this movie.
  • Most Sci-Fi movies are longer up to 3 hours. This movie consists of only 1 hour and 50 mins.

2. Avatar

Toruk Makto, the strongest animal in the Avatar world

Avatar was one of the earliest best Sci-Fi movies. It was released in 2009 but still rules the world of Sci-Fi movie lovers. It had one of the best visual graphics in its time. Although there are rumors of its sequels from nearly a decade, no official has confirmed them till yet. Reasons to watch avatar are:

  • I was fantasized by the use of 3D visual graphics about nature in this movie.
  • It has an excellent storyline to understand.
  • It contains various jaw-dropping action scenes.
  • One of the highest-grossing movies in the world. Prior to Avengers Endgame, Avatar was ranked number 1 in terms of doing business, earning a whopping 2.7 billion U.S dollars.

3. The Martian

Mark Watney, the man who is stranded on Mars alone.

The Martian is more of a survival type of story but it makes you feel like you are the one stranded on Mars. The Martian has also performed very well in the box office and is worth watching for non-English people who find it difficult to understand English movies. Reasons to watch this movie are:

  • A movie making you feel emotional, funny, and confident to think that anything is possible.
  • This movie had made me feel what it could be like to live on Mars, although not everything in this movie was correct but it gives you a fair idea.
  • Stunning visual graphics of space travel and Martian surface.

4. Interstellar

Interstellar is considered as the masterpiece of Sci-Fi movies in the Hollywood film industry, directed by none other than of the most successful Hollywood directed Christopher Nolan; Interstellar explains on of the most complex physics concepts and theories in a story containing all elements of thriller, suspense, drama, and action. I didn’t keep this movie on the first rank because it is a bit difficult to understand, especially for non-English speakers.

Reasons to watch Interstellar are:

  • It features cinematic scenes of space travel and other planets of the universe.
  • Breathtaking scenes of space travel and docking.
  • It contains one of the best musical scores from none other than Hans Zimmer.
  • Explains a lot of scientific theories.

5. Inception

Inception is another great movie directed by Christopher Nolan. When I watched this movie, I began to suspect that am I really living my life or watching a dream? The movie contains a hell lot of suspense and action. The main story of the movie is based on incepting an idea in a man’s dream in such a way that he considers it a reality. However, it is a lengthy movie and requires serious attention to enjoy it.

Reasons to watch this movie are:

  • The movie showcased a world full of possibilities, if I am in a dream and design it by myself then only sky is the limit.
  • Another great music score from Hans Zimmer which amplifies suspense and action, along with exquisite cinematography.
  • It gave me goosebumps in some occasions as it contained some emotional scenes too.

Last Notes:

Ok, now many of you can argue that why I did not name movies like Avengers, Gravity, Batman, and many others. The reason is simple all of these movies are best but they are not easy to understand in one watch and one can only enjoy these movies completely if he is following the specific timelines of these movies which consists of different sequels and prequels.

The movies I mentioned here have no sequels or prequels. They are single movies containing a lot of Sci-Fi thriller. If you want to suggest some other movies too go ahead in the comment section, I would love to make another list.

P.S if you want links to watch these movies online you can ask in a comment, I would be replying with the link.

Must to do water sports

Hy friends, we all have watched some of those movies in which the hero is enjoying wonderful sports and what better sport than water sports. Adventure is a source of joy for all and an exciting water sport is the best thrilling adventure.

Here I am going to list down 5 water sports which you would crave to do once you know about them and watch a few videos of enjoying these sports.

1. Surfing

When I was a kid, I stood on my cricket bat and tried to balance it acting as surfing and I can suspect many of you must have done something like this. Surfing is one of the oldest and most famous water sports in the world. Personally, what I like the most about surfing is that it is a year-round sport which means that you do not specific weather conditions to do surfing and it is economical.

How to do surfing

Surfing is very easy to do sports, all you need is a surfboard to go and enjoy the adventure of surfing. Although you do need some initial training to learn how to surf but these lessons can be learned in a single day.

In order to surf you have to mount on the surfboard and ride the waves coming at the shore. The larger the wave, the greater would be the adventure but beware of large waves if you have not practiced enough, it may bring dangers of losing your surfboard or even your life.

You can buy your own surfboard or rent a one by a vendor on your city’s beach. Many clubs are offering surfing services in Pakistan, all you need to do is google about it.

2. Kite surfing

Although many of you must have watched kite surfing in a movie very few people know its name especially if you are not a native English speaker. Kite surfing is like an advanced version of surfing, faster and more thrilling than ever.

How to do kite surfing:

Basically, it is similar to windsurfing or surfing but the difference is that now you are holding a large kite or a parachute in your hands which is continuously pulling you in the air and thus helping you to surf faster in water; not even waiting for a wave to come and help you enjoy the surfing adventure.

You can do kitesurfing almost all around the world, obviously, you do need a large water body with fair winds and shallow water. Kite surfing is also available in Pakistan by certified experts, few google searches can lead you to them. If you can’t find easily ask me in comments.

3. Parasailing

Now, my friends, this water sport does look easy to do but you can’t go to parasailing without a friend driving a boat. Parasailing is more like air-sport than a water sport because you are in air through most of the time. Just imagine enjoying a sunset or sunrise view of the ocean from high above the ground feeling the chilly winds of the ocean and going against the tides as fast as your boat. These kinds of things do give us goosebumps.

How to do parasailing

Parasailing is offered by various agencies on beaches around the world. Basically, you are connected with a strap to a parachute and with a rope to the boat. When the boat speeds up you fly in air because of your parachute but you enjoy this life of a flying bird only to the extent of your rope. In this way, you aren’t steering your parachute but you are going with the boat enjoying the eagle-eye view of earth from above.

In Pakistan, parasailing services are available in noncoastal cities too. This is done by using dams.

4. Scuba diving

We are not fish but we do crave to see the ocean through fish view and this is all done through scuba diving. Scuba diving needs a lot of equipment from a mask, oxygen cylinders to the special swimming suit designed for deep waters. Usually, people do scuba diving through water sports clubs who charge a nominal amount for their services as compared to hefty prices of this equipment.

How to do scuba diving

All you need to do is go and register yourself with a scuba diving club for enjoying the jaw-dropping scenes of under ocean life. Scuba diving does need some instructions but you don’t need to worry there will always be a guide alongside you if you are going through a club. Moreover, you will also be provided with facilities for taking photographs underwater. They do have waterproof cameras so you don’t need to worry.

Many universities and other institutions take their students for water sports like scuba diving annually in Pakistan. These packages are very economical, you can ask google the rest.

5. Flyboard flying

Personally, I would have liked to list this water sport on top of this list but because it is not easily available in most developing countries especially my country Pakistan, therefore I kept it at the last. It is a combination of air and water sports I think as you can simultaneously think of yourself flying and swimming.

How to do flyboard flying

The flyboard flying is carried out by a water propulsion system. The rider stands on the board connected to a hose which helps in creating the necessary lift to enjoy the sport.

Flyboard equipment is very costly and therefore it is highly recommended to go through a certified club to enjoy this ride although no big problem if you are a millionaire.

Strange case of Iran’s political system

I have read many different political systems of the world but the strange case of Iran is something which was the most confusing till today. Now I thought maybe I should write a blog post explaining Iran’s political system. In this post, I will be explaining about different components responsible to run the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although I would try to arrange these components in terms of their power(in my assumptions), however, this model is certainly not 100% accurate someone may consider one component more powerful than the other.

Without further delay lets dive in to the key components:

1. Supreme Leader

The supreme leader is the most powerful component of Iran’s political system. He oversees the national and foreign policy. His decision shadows of every major function of the state. Moreover he can appoint several other components of the state which will be stated later. You will understand the true power of supreme leader after reading this whole post.

2. Council of Guardians

The council of guardians consists of 12 members 6 of which are selected by supreme leader and remaining 6 are advised by head of judicial system while officially appointed by the parliament. I was shocked to see what this 12 member council could do.

  1. It can vet candidates aspiring to run in parliamentary and presidential elections.
  2. This council can also veto an amendment made by parliament if it is deemed contrary to Islamic values by the council.
  3. This council can also vet members of the assembly of experts before running into general elections.

3. President

I think in front of the public or in the role given to the president, he is the 2nd most powerful person in Iran but most of his powers are useless in presence of supreme leader as he can do nothing without the approval of supreme leader. Some interesting facts about the Iranian president are:

  • He is responsible for making his country economically sound. Although, he does advises the supreme leader on other matters too.
  • The president is elected by the general public after being vetted by the council of Guardians.
  • He is second in command after the supreme leader and also executive chief of the army. He can declare a state of emergency and impose martial laws but all of this can be possible only with the consent or absence of supreme leader.

4. Parliament

The Parliament consists of 290 members duly elected by the general public after being vetted by the council of guardians. The parliament can do amendments in the constitution but no new amendment can be made which is contrary to Islamic ideology and laws. It can also advise the president on reforming policies. Nevertheless, all decisions of the parliament are useless without the consent of the council of guardians.

5. Assembly of experts

This assembly of 86 members who are mostly clerics and law experts is elected by the general public for a term of 8 years but my friends even these members can not escape the vetting process by guardians council. This assembly is responsible to elect a new supreme leader on the death of the previous one. The founder of Islamic Iran i.e Khomeini had made this assembly and also said that the new supreme leader must be a Grand Ayatullah. The assembly can also disqualify the supreme leaders but we have never seen an incident when it opposed the supreme leader’s decisions.

6. Expediency council

Now as I told earlier that Parliament can amend the constitution in accordance with Islamic ideology, in addition, it must have a green light from guardians council too but what will happen if there is a constant disagreement between these two bodies? Will there be no amendment? In order to solve their disagreement expediency council was made. Nevertheless, now this council also advises the supreme leaders on various national and foreign policies. Its members are included in various committees of state-run programs. It is now serving as a right hand to the supreme leader.

7. Judiciary

The head of the judicial system is elected by a supreme leader who elects the chief justice of the supreme court. There is also a special clerical court in Iran which deals with crimes allegedly committed by clerics. Although, it has dealt with common civilian issues too.

8. National security and intelligence

This component is broken down into 3 more components namely army, IRGC, MOIS.

Army: The army is probably the most powerful component equipped with the latest technology and large scale weapons. It is responsible for guarding the country from any geographic threat.

IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is a special force aimed to protect the state’s revolutionary ideology in the country and other parts of the world. It has actively participated with Palestinians against Israel and in Libya also.

MOIS: Ministry of Intelligence is the primary intelligence agency of Iran.

Must have apps and games on google and iPhone playstore.

Here I am going to list down some of the best apps and games which can help in increasing your productivity and knowledge. I am arranging this list from good to best so the last app or game would be my favorite on this list. Don’t forget to check it out. All of these apps and games are available on both the apple store and google play store.

5. Kahoot

This app is much like a game. It consists of several pre-made quizzes by several users and websites. These quizzes can be of history, arts, games, computer knowledge, and of almost anything you can think of taking a quiz. Moreover, you can also make your own quiz and share it with your friends.

I use this app to create a quiz of my MCQs based exams and share those quizzes with my friends to compete with them too. Instead of wasting time in scrolling newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram, you can try your luck in taking a quiz in Kahoot.

4. Quora

We all have come across a moment once in our life when we ask questions in google or to someone in our friends and family. Although, google gives answers to most of your questions but you have to filter those answers a lot. Moreover, you don’t know much about the credibility of the person giving the answer and no one is affirming his answer too. I ask my questions in Quora.

Basically, Quora is a website that has millions of users from experts to noobs who can give answers to almost any of your questions. The same website has launched its app on both iPhone and Android and for a person who asks so many questions, this app is a must.

You can also answer other people’s queries in Quora and in this way, sharing and learning knowledge becomes much fun. People upvote your answers if they deem them correct.

3. PhotoMath

Photo math is an excellent app. This app becomes my best partner in solving maths problems when I was in Matriculation. The best part about this app is that you can take scan your math questions through a photo math camera and then the answer to that problem comes in front of the screen in a matter of seconds.

Although photo math is a very good app to solve maths-related problems but one major problem with this app is that it can’t understand your handwritten questions. You have to scan the printed version of your question in order to get an answer. This app was able to even solve most of my intermediate maths questions and surprisingly it didn’t give only direct answers but showed step by step explanation of the answer.

2. Duolingo

Language learning increases the analytical capabilities of your mind. Just imagine yourself as being able to speak up to 5 or more languages. It would give you a way to the upper edge among your friends and colleagues. Any interviewer can be impressed by a person speaking different international languages.

Duolingo is ranked no 1 in language learning apps on both app store and play store. I love this app because of its colorful UI and simple exercises which have made language learning a fun thing to do. My progress in learning language can be compared with my friends too, igniting a wave of competition among friends too. Moreover, if you have any problems regarding a particular question of an exercise in Duolingo, you can ask in comments about that question and many will be ready to help you.

This app is also available in the web version. You have to go through a language tree in this app starting from basics nouns pronouns to extensive proverbs and sentence structures. Duolingo has helped me learn the basics of German, Spanish, and a bit of Turkish.

The Duolingo community of language learners is very friendly and cooperative. Many natives of Germany and Spain invited me to their WhatsApp groups where we can talk to each other to improve our language.

1.Khan Academy

Khan academy is probably the best app and website on this list. This app has thousands of free courses on maths, physics, chemistry, and many other subjects.

One thing I like most about Khan academy is its exercises. The maths exercises are so interactive and helpful that I do them like playing a game. On giving the right answers, I get points and badges too. There is a whole shelf of badges and awards on Khan academy dashboard which you can achieve with time.

Khan Academy also helps students in preparing for tests like SAT, GAT, GMAT and etc. You can decide your class level too if you want to. Moreover, I can add any teacher to my Khan academy account who would guide me, and subsequently, I can coach someone too. Khan Academy has been integrated with various schools around the world and it has served as a fun tool for students to learn new things.

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